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Professional Development

  • Communication Strategies for Effective Collaboration
    As schools move to a more collaborative service delivery for students with exceptionalities, it is important for educators to communicate within school settings on a variety of topics related to meeting student needs. To meet the needs of all students and promote inclusion services, special and general educators must communicated with colleagues in school settings.
  • Houston Consortium Of Urban Professional Development And Technology Centers
    A consortium of nine institutions including the University of Houston and the Houston Independent School District to produce teachers who are effective in culturally diverse urban environments.
  • New Trends in language Education For Hispanic Students
    This digest summarizes the effective bilingual strategies described in Transforming Education and HDP's recommendations for bilingual education at all school levels. While the strategies are specifically oriented to the needs of Hispanic students, most can improve the education of all students with immigrant and limited English speaking backgrounds.
  • No Dream Denied: A Pledge to America's Children
    The third in a series of reports from The National Commisson on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF). No Dream Denied addresses the issue of retaining quality teachers in our nation's schools.
  • Professional Development Schools Project
    A collaboration between Temple University and the School District of Philadelphia to improve education in the city on all levels. In the Professional Development Schools (PDS) Project, educators work collaboratively to provide the clinical settings necessary for new models of training preservice teachers and counselors, to provide life-long learning for seasoned teachers and faculty, to offer enrichment activities for students in grades K-12, and to provide avenues for involving community members in the education process.
  • Professional Teaching Standards Project.
    A collaborative effort between the University of Toledo and other urban state universities and their respective urban school districts, including the Toledo Public Schools, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to assist teachers in preparing for National Board Certification.
  • The National Institute for Urban School Improvement
    The National Institute for Urban School Improvement focuses on three strategies that are essential to the urban school reform agenda: (1) link existing education reform networks with special education networks; (2) build information systems that assist leadership teams in both focusing on goals for instructional, curricular, and cultural improvement and empowering action research agendas among school professionals; and (3) synthesizes existing research into accessible media, both print and electronic.