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  • Alternative Teacher Program Trains Hundreds in Ga.
    An alternative teacher-preparation program piloted in Georgia intended to yield 200 applicants, drew thousands of inquiries, overwhelming and delighting administrators trying to alleviate a severe teacher shortage.
  • No Dream Denied: A Pledge to America's Children
    The third in a series of reports from The National Commisson on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF). No Dream Denied addresses the issue of retaining quality teachers in our nation's schools.
  • Professional Teaching Standards Project.
    A collaborative effort between the University of Toledo and other urban state universities and their respective urban school districts, including the Toledo Public Schools, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to assist teachers in preparing for National Board Certification.
  • Research: Focusing In on Teachers
    Underlying much of the debate about teacher quality is a fundamental rift over what to make of the existing body of research on the topic. A summary of what the research says about effective teachers.
  • Urban Specialist Certificate Program
    With funding from URBAN IMPACT, a U.S. Dept.
  • Who is prepared to teach in urban schools?
    The article examines the hypothesis that alternative routes to teacher certification are more likely than traditional routes to recruit successful urban school teachers. Beliefs and practices of 45 secondary English and mathematics novice teachers from bo th routes were studied.